Discover How An Exhausted Mom Finally Got Her Baby Sleeping Through The Night

Imagine having more energy to play with your baby and meet up with friends…

More quality time to spend with your partner..

And imagine having a relaxed baby at bedtime who sleeps 11-12 hours straight through the night.

It is possible!

Tired of being tired?

Then please take a minute to read this page so I can put you on the right path to solving your baby's sleep problem…


Hello, my name's Andrea, a married mother with one special bundle of joy and a passion in everything to do with babies (and in particular, baby sleep!)

Happy Mum and Baby

Sure we're both smiling in this picture (my friend Christie's a great caricaturist)….

However, about a year ago my little guy drove my husband and I crazy for weeks when he was having sleep issues.

Everything had been going so well.

He was only waking up twice a night, then suddenly he hit 5 months and started waking up every 2 hours!

It was the same exhausting experience night after night.

Hearing him cry every evening and throughout the night was so hard for me. I was trying as much as I could but it was so painful for me to constantly pick him up from his crib and wipe away his tears.

Especially when he had been such a happy baby before.

I was hoping for success by reading some advice online, but there was so much conflicting information that I didn't know what to do.

It was some form of sleep regression but it had been going on for weeks with no end in sight.

I was worried that my baby boy was suffering, and that his lack of sleep could affect his development in some way.

Crying Baby

One morning, I came across an interesting post on a baby forum. It mentioned a baby sleep program you could buy online.

I typed in the web address and started to read the details.

The program seemed customized for your child's age and situation. It also stated that you should start to see positive results within 3 days and there was an option for getting expert advice from a child sleep consultant

I bought the product…


It was fairly easy to get started with the program, as I just read the quick start guide and focused on the chapters that applied to my baby's age.

The first night was really challenging and there were moments when I thought things just weren't working. However, I stuck to the plan and eventually I noticed some improvement…

Within three days, I could see my baby boy was sleeping longer periods at night and settling down quicker in his crib.

Then after a week he started sleeping through the whole night!

sleeping baby 2

I learnt so many useful strategies using this program and my son rarely has a bad night's sleep now.

No more bedtime drama, no tears and no stress (well, maybe a slight exaggeration on the tears and stress part!)

For me, having a good night's sleep has given me more energy to play with my baby, improve my social life and I can now spend more time with my husband in the evening.

And now I want to help you…


I want to share with you some of the strategies I learnt from this plan, as well as other tips I have learnt from my own research.

You can find out some useful advice on the next page….

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