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Is your baby not sleeping through the night?

It can be so frustrating and exhausting when your infant is not sleeping properly and this site contains all the advice you need to improve your situation.

Where to start?

One of the first things to check is whether you have the “foundations” in place to provide your baby with the right environment to get a good’s night sleep. Have a look at these tips and see if you have everything set up correctly. For more advice, just sign up and receive a whole chapter of essential baby sleep tips from an approved baby sleep program. So why is your baby not sleeping through the night?
It may surprise you, but the majority of people misunderstand the term ‘sleeping through’
Many assume it means you remain in deep sleep the whole night, right until you wake up in the morning (maybe with the assistance an alarm clock!)
However, this isn’t the case. Although a newborn baby will have these long periods of deep sleep, after 3-5 months they will start to experience what we have as adults – alternating phases of light and deep sleep.
Adults don’t usually pay attention to these phases or they make wake briefly during a light sleep cycle and go back to sleep.
However a baby can easily wake up during one of these transitions and either return to sleep, or have no idea what is going on, crave the attention of mummy and start the waterworks!
So the fact your baby is waking up during the night is usually normal, it’s the fact they don’t know how to self-soothe which is the problem.
Take a look at this graph which illustrates the sleeping cycle during 8 hours of sleep (stage 0 being awake and stage 4 meaning deep sleep)
The Importance of Sleep For Your Baby

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